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WALL Is A Masterpiece - WALL Book Review

Prof. Eric Feigenbaum November 2011

Prof. Eric Feigenbaum November 2011

Entering the Ralph Pucci showroom is a transformative experience. Crossing the threshold, a simple wall takes the visitor to another place, and another state of mind. Pucci is a purveyor of possibilities. Where others may see an empty wall, he envisions a conduit of communication; a rich edifice brimming with potential. Over the course of twenty years, Pucci has manipulated a single showroom wall into a tactile expression of ideas, concepts, and artistic points of view.

His latest book “Wall' published by Glitterati Incorporated, creates a new dialogue based on color, texture, and emotional sensibilities. Jean-August-Dominique Ingres, the French Neoclassical painter said to his students, “If I could make musicians out of you, you would benefit as painters.' Pucci will quickly tell you that he is neither artist nor musician; and yet, as a master at melding artistic disciplines, he will move you through rhythm, harmony, and a beautiful simplicity of line.

While not an artist in the traditional sense, Pucci's medium is people and his brushstroke is his ability to push the limits of their talents. He has inspired a wide range of artists and creative thinkers to articulate the attributes of furniture, sculpture, and his unique portfolio of mannequins, onto a two dimensional surface to produce compelling and memorable murals.

While each installation on the wall is ephemeral, changing with the caprice of fashion and the impulse of artistic inspiration, the book remains a photographic keepsake; an orchestration of artists and designers who Pucci directed in the transformation of a simple architectural element, a wall, into a three dimensional abode of thought, creativity, and emotion.

“Wall' is not merely a painted canvas or a musical score. “Wall' is a Pucci masterpiece.

Prof. Eric Feigenbaum
Chair of Visual Merchandising
LIM College