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Spring 2016 - Coveted Magazine

Coveted Magazine Coveted Magazine

Fashion is a powerful and complicated industry. Some details of this industry are simple and quite obvious, whereas some are under the veil hiding what affects the perception of fashion as Art. Mannequins cannot only be an indispensable tool for the design and tailoring, but also a piece of art, if they are made by Ralph Pucci. The Designer’s career boasts more than thirty years of cooperation with famous shops and the best fashion designers in the world and he supplies mannequins to the most famous department stores in the United States.

The history of his creative business started in the 70’s. When his parents started the business, it was the Mannequin Repair Company. Since he came, the family business changed tremendously. The company felt the need to create something completely different and they started to work with creative people, young decorators, fashion designers, putting mannequins on fashion shows.

Ralph Pucci took their philosophy and did the same thing with furniture. It was by then that mannequins found a soul through the inspiration of the designer. Thanks to his talent, the road was paved for individualism and personalization. Ralph Pucci managed to make an interior design icon out of a neutral and absolutely insignificant prop. Pucci turned models into real sculptures. The mannequins looked like a sculpture that mimics human beings and fantasy sculptures that make you smile. His favorite mannequins are the ones standing on their hands, stretching or doing yoga. Ralph Pucci considers the mannequin in athletic poses one of his greatest achievements. Most Americans have design sensibility yet Ralph Pucci is able to impress everyone with his work of art. His furniture is comprised exclusively of collector’s items. All his works capture the imagination and are presented in various colors and shapes, some with no head and others having dresses instead of legs. He also told us about the specifics of his partnership with Andrée Putman and Ruben Toledo. In 1988 Ruben Toledo began designing mannequins for Ralph Pucci and continued to work on new projects with him until today.

Pucci is very emotional when it comes to the first mannequin created with Andrée Putman, as it was the turning point where he understood that he could use other people’s ideas, apart from his own. With Ruben Toledo Their relationship is really great and dynamic today and that’s the secret for their work.

By Coveted Magazine